In Lebanon, we have implemented a program to provide food vouchers to families affected by war and displacement. We understand that access to food is a basic human right and an essential part of promoting health and well-being. By providing food vouchers, we can ensure that families have access to nutritious food and can prioritize other basic needs.

Our medical missions in Lebanon are currently focused on partnering with local organizations to volunteer to help provide much-needed medical care to low-income families who lack access to adequate healthcare.

At TotalCare Foundation, we are committed to making a positive impact on the communities we serve, both through our medical mission partnerships and our programs. We rely on the support of our dedicated employees, donors, and sponsors to help us achieve our goals. We invite you to join us in making a difference in the lives of those we serve. Together, we can transform lives.
HOME - Health Outreach To The Middle East
Along with medical team members from HOME, our TotalCare Lebanon's nursing team went to various remote/underprivileged regions in Lebanon to serve the community from a medical standpoint. Patients from the regions and their surroundings were visiting the camps to get their vital signs checked along with their blood glucose level, and seeing our providers to get checked. In addition to that, 30 days supply of medications were being distributed to the patients from the camps. We visited Ain Zhalta (Shouf), Broumana (Metn), Beino (Akkar), Hammana and Damour and served around 200-300 patients/refugees per day on average.

Food Vouchers – Charcutier
"We dream of TotalCare to be a place of real hope and healing."
The situation in Lebanon has been getting tougher with the inflation and so we want to continue to help those families that are in need of an extra hand.
We as an organisation have a priority to always give back to the community and so it is within our culture to always think about those who are in need to show a little love and generosity.
Last year, as an initiative to help our community, we distributed a total of 380 food vouchers from Le Charcutier.

Mammogram Vouchers
In October 2022, during the Breast Cancer Awareness month, Totalcare offered 60 mammography vouchers, in the purpose of spreading awareness, while trying to save a life.

Toy Vouchers
Christmas was around the corner, and TotalCare Mission is to spread happiness and positiveness . To make it happen, we distributed toy vouchers from β€œTriple E Toys” to almost 75 families.
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